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If you are a faculty or staff member at UNCG, you may access the BDRM Uploader using your UNCG Username and Password. If you are not a faculty or staff member at UNCG, please contact SCUA to receive a username and password.

Choose the area in SCUA to which you wish to upload your files.

  • For official UNCG administrative records, select University Archives
  • For additions to the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project, select Women Veterans Historical Project
  • For additions to other collections, select Manuscripts

After logging in, provide a brief description of the files you are uploading (e.g., "Powerpoint presentations used by University Archives during New Faculty Orientation from 2008-2013," "Programs, photographs, and planning materials from the 2010 meeting of the Society of North Carolina Archivists," or "Photographs of Jane Doe's deployment to Iraq, 2008"). Select the appropriate collection from the drop-down menu, and press Start Uploading! to proceed.

On the Uploader page, select the green "Add Files" button to choose the files from your computer that will be uploaded to SCUA.

A new dialogue box will open. Select the files that you wish to upload. Select multiple files by holding down the "Control" button ("Command" on a Mac) unless you are using Internet Explorer, in which case you will need to select files individually. Press "Open" to add the files to the upload queue. The files you have selected will appear on the Uploader page. Press "Add Files" again if you wish to add additional files to the upload queue. If you add any files that you do not wish to upload, click the red "Cancel" button next to that particular file name to delete it from the upload queue.

When you have selected all of the files that you wish to upload, click on the blue "Start Upload" button on the uploader page. You must press the "Start Upload" button to begin the process of transferring the files. An overall progress bar will appear to estimate the time remaining to upload all of your files. Additionally, you will see a progress bar to note the upload status of each individual file in the upload queue.

If at any time during the upload process you wish to add additional files to the upload queue, you may select the "Add Files" button to add them to the queue. Then press "Start Upload" to begin uploading these additional files. This will not interrupt the ongoing upload process. The overall progress bar will adjust to show a new estimate of the time remaining to upload all of your files.

When all of your files have uploaded, click the gray "I'm Finished Uploading" button to proceed to the confirmation page. From the confirmation page, you can either log out (if you have completed uploading), or choose to upload additional files. You will also receive an automated email confirming your upload.

In some cases, after reviewing your records, the archivist may ask you for additional information or to follow additional guidelines in uploading your records. If you have questions about any aspect of uploading, please SCUA or the appropriate archivist: